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With time, we become more sensitive to our environment and to lowered living standards. Since it will always be "the crisis' fault", we cannot expect help from the government or the State giving us miserable pensions. Today we know that political promises will never bring miraculous solutions.


Therefore, we only have two ways out : accept what is happening to us with a stoical composure, or take our destiny in hand and try to change our life.

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In our situation, changing life means changing environment.

You don't need to be Cresus to find a quiet and pleasant place to live. You simply need make a decision and move, not in another district of the same big city or capital, but in the countryside.

Fortunately, there are still towns in France where life quality has a real meaning. One of them is called Plombières-les-Bains, a thermal city located in the Vosges mountains. It offers thermal cures to heal diverse diseases and a fitness centre named Calodae. Great parks, old buildings, shirtsleeves weather, welcoming inhabitants - everything is made to ensure a calm and peaceful life for the elderly.


Furnished accommodations from studio flats to 3-room apartments can be rented at a moderate price. It is then possible to comfortably live in the city center, close to all amenities : grocery store, weekly market, three general practitioners, one nurse and many associations providing leisure activities.

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Ten minutes only are necessary to go by car to Remiremont, where you will find a supermarket, a cinema, a hospital, the railway station with a direct line to Paris by HST (TGV)... You can also take the bus, coach or taxi.


Furthermore, amateurs of History will be glad to live in a city that was founded two thousand years ago.


It is now up to you to take your chance. You can come and discover the city through a vacation rental (view our accommodations) or invest in a pied-a-terre in the Vosges (view our apartments for sale).


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