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Carpe Diem Residence results from the restructuring of an old hotel built under Napoleon III. Not accessible to disabled people, the residence was renovated to welcome able-bodied and autonomous elderly.

If you enjoy peace and quiet and are looking for some rest, this edifice will please you. Indeed, it offers both modernity and authenticity from its Napoleonic origins.

The residence is composed of several accommodations, which are studio flats or 2-room apartments, disposed on three storeys. They are both classified as 3-star accommodations.


Accessing the different floors is done using the central wooden stairs, as the architecture does not allow the installation of a lift.

The main entrance, located on the Stanislas Street, n° 2 bis, leads to the ancient stairs made of stone. They take you to the 1st-floor apartments and the patio, a courtyard surrounded by the residence's buildings.

Common areas are fitted with an automated lighting system, and some decorating elements were preserved on the renovated walls of the corridors.


Restored in line with ecological norms, the building has good thermal insulation, electrical heating, double glazing on windows and a centralized ventilation system.

Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the residence. For our client's peace of mind, we do not accept children and pets.

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